Why should you work with me?

It’s true that the camera does not make the photographer, just as the stacks of books he has read, the seminars and the courses he has completed do not make him a professional.

For me, being a professional photographer means, first and foremost, being passionate about photography! For more than 20 years, I have used this passion to turn memories into photographs that will remain as perfect as they were in the moment they were taken.

These are the principles that guide me in my job as a photographer:

  • Post-processing, the secret to the perfect photograph – for me, the post-processing of the images is crucially important in ensuring the correct message reaches my audience. 

  • A good photograph is created during the photoshoot – even if the post-processing helps improve the image afterwards, the photograph must be well done from the start.

  • You can never know everything – photography is a process of constant learning and improving your abilities. It’s important to attend courses, seminars and conferences and always be open to new challenges.
  • You gain experience only through practice – it’s important to test your limits and then go beyond. A professional photographer is defined by his portfolio, which should speak about his creativity.

  • Attention to details is essential – the ability to capture the essence of a subject in the frame can only be done when you have the necessary experience, vision and hours of practice.
  • Investing in photography equipment is always recommended – even when it’s non-essential, it allows you to do things better and quicker, no matter of the type of photograph you do.
  • Accepting challenges and pushing your limits – constant innovation is the key to success in photography.

Practical experience in photography

I have over 20 year of experience in corporate portrait photography, corporate and private events photography, as well as portrait, studio and outdoor photography, in Bucharest, in Romania or abroad.

The numbers: over 4.000 corporate and private events, 10.000 portraits and 3.000.000 photographs taken.

Photography studies

  • The Francisc Mraz School of “Poetic Photography” Bucharest (1 year);
  • another 3 photography schools in Romania (1 year each);
  • studied over 300 technical books on the art and technique of photography;
  • attended over 200 seminars in Romania and abroad (Jerry Ghionis, Sue Bryce, Roberto Valenzuela, Joe McNally, Joe Buissink, Zack Arias, Linsey Adler);
  • professional photographer recognized by the Ministry of Education.

So if  you need good corporate, personal or event photos contact me at contact@dragosconstantin.ro.


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